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My work broadly focuses on the inter-relationships among stressful life events, particularly interpersonal violence, and physical and mental health sequelae. My research frequently draws from interdisciplinary research and forges collaborations with healthcare professionals. My research lens is trauma informed and I am particularly interested in studying posttraumatic stress disorder, body image disturbance, and depression as mental health outcomes.

Previous projects include a completed study funded by the National Institute of Mental Health.  This study examined the psychological and health-related impacts of acute and lasting injuries in female victims of intimate partner violence. Within this study I explored ways in which lasting, violence-related appearance changes may impact physical and psychological functioning with an emphasis on body image disturbance. I have continued this line of research over the past ten years and have extended the examination to other trauma-exposed populations--e.g., women who experienced rape and other forms of sexual assault and combat veterans.  I have also been actively developing the construct of trauma-related body image distress.  Currently, my laboratory is exploring psychophysiological reactivity to violence-related marks or scars in an attempt to examine the impact of these changes using objective assessment methodologies. Generally, my work is informed by cross-cutting theories and integrates areas of clinical, developmental, health and medical psychology.  Outcomes of my research have policy and practice implications and address issues of social justice.

The undergraduate and graduate students working with me have explored a broad number of topics related to trauma, health, and diversity. I welcome students who are passionate about clinical research and are as driven to ask research questions as they are to seek answers.  I will be taking a graduate student in the 2017-2018 academic year.


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