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Problem-Based Learning (PBL) was originally created for use in medical education as a self-directed, exploratory process. PBL has evolved into hybrid strategies that take advantage of the best practices of didactic, content driven teaching and self-directed, team learning. Lecture and reading assignments can still deliver the facts that provide a foundation for clinical applications. Problems or cases are developed that allow the learning community formed by the students to evaluate the knowledge they already have and to determine what additional information the team needs to solve the problem or process the case. Case writing was conducted within a multidisciplinary team consisting of three psychologists, two pediatricians, and an advocate from the domestic violence advocacy community. After reading a case installment, students generate a “list” of things that needs to be learned and this list is divided among the students who then take responsibility for gathering the knowledge and reporting it back to the group. This process continues as new problems or additional facts in the case are provided to the team.


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