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An estimated 1.5 million women experience physical assault and/or rape by an intimate partner each year, 1/3 of whom experience some form of injury. Annually, more than 500,000 of these injured female victims receive medical treatment for their injuries.

While existing research has adequately described IPV-related injuries, understanding the complex impact of injury has been more limited. For example, after acute injuries have healed, there may be residual manifestations. These residual injuries can include visible differences in appearance, such as marks or scars, or changes such as functional impairment or pain. These multiple dimensions may have differential impacts on health and wellbeing. My program of interdisciplinary research has begun to explore these differential impacts.

New for 2013

Psychophysiological Assessment Study:  Enrolling Now

We are currently seeking volunteers for a psychophysiological assessment study exploring the association between violence related injury and physiological responses.  Please click on the the flyer below for futher enrollment details.

Psychophysiological Assessment Study

Grant Funding:

8/99 - Principal Investigator, The Psychological Meaning of Violence-Related Injuries
National Institute of Mental Health
$147,026 for two years.


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