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Peer-Reviewed Publications Submitted: 

Weaver, N. L., Weaver, T. L., Loux, T., Jupka, K. A., Lew, D., & Sallee, H.  (2017).  The impact of RISE Up in promoting positive parenting and safety behaviors.  Manuscript submitted for publication.

Bosch, J., Weaver, T. L., & Kaylor, L. (2017).  Adverse childhood experiences and preventive healthcare utilization:  A qualitative study.  Manuscript submitted for publication.

Peer-Reviewed Publications:

Perry, J. E., Ross, M. J., Weinstock, J., & Weaver, T. L.  (in press).  Efficacy of a brief mindfulness intervention to enhance athletic task performance.  Manuscript submitted for publication.

Bosch, J., Weaver, T. L., Neylan, T., Herbst, E. & McCaslin, S. (in press).  The Impact of Engagement in Exercise on Sleep and PTSD Symptoms Among OEF/OIF/OND Veterans. Military Medicine,  182(9), e1745-e1750. doi:10.7205/milmed-d-16-00385.

Jaques, M. L., Weaver, T. L., Weaver, N. & Willoughby, L.  (in press).  The Association Between Pediatric Injury Risks and Parenting Behaviors.  Child:  Care, Health and Development.

Weaver, N. L., Weaver, T. L., Nicks, S. E., Jupka, K. A., Sallee, H., Jacobsen, H., & Henley, W.  (2017).  Developing Tailored Positive Parenting Messages for a Clinic-Based Communication Program.  Child:  Care, Health and Development, 23, 289-297. doi: 10.1111/cch.12418.

van den Berk-Clark, Weaver, T. L. & Schneider, D.  (in press).  Three types of intimate relationships among individuals with chronic pain and a history of trauma exposure. Healthcare.

Bosch, J., Weaver,  T. L., Arnold, L. D., & Clark, E. M.  (2015).  The Impact of Intimate Partner Violence on Women's Physical Health:  findings from the Missouri Behavioral Risk Factor Surveillance Survey.  Journal of interpersonal violence, 1-18doi: 10.1177/0886260515599162

Weaver, T.L., Gilbert, L. El-Bassel, N., Resnick, H. S., & Noursi, S.  (2015). Identifying and Intervening with Substance-Using Women Exposed to Intimate Partner Violence: Phenomenology, Co-Morbidities and Integrated Approaches within Primary Care and other Agency Settings.  Journal of women's health, 24, 51-56.  doi .10.1089/jwh.2014.4866

Weaver, T. L., Griffin, M. G., & Mitchell, E. R. (2014).  Symptoms of posttraumatic stress disorder, depression and body image distress in female victims of physical and sexual assault:  Exploring integrated responses.  Healthcare for Women International 35 (4), 458-475.             doi.10.1080/07399332.2013.858162

Weaver, T. L., Walter, K. H., Chard, K. M. & Bosch, J.  (2014).  Residual Injury, Appearance-related Concerns, Symptoms of Posttraumatic Stress Disorder and Depression within a Treatment-Seeking Veteran Sample.  Military Medicine. 179 (10), 1067-1071.

Weaver, T. L.  & Resick, P. (2014).  Injury dimensions in female victims of intimate partner violence:  Expanding the Examination of associations with symptoms of posttraumatic stress disorder.  Psychological trama:  Theory, research, practice, and policy, 6 (6), 683-690.

Wenzel, K. R., Weinstock, J., Vander Wal, J. S., & Weaver, T. L.  (2014).  Examining the Role of Negative Urgency in a Predictive Model of Bulimic Symptoms.  Eating Behaviors, 15 (3) 343-349.  doi 10.1016/j.eatbeh.2014.04.014

Osei-Bonsu, P. E., Weaver. T. L., Eisen, S. V., & Vander Wal, J. S.  (2011). Posttraumatic growth inventory:  Factor structure in the context of DSM-IV traumatic events.  ISN Psychiatry, 2012, 9 pages, doi:10.5402/2012/937582. 

Bagley, S. L., Weaver, T. L., & Buchanan, T. W.  (2011).  Sex differences in physiological and affective responses to stress in remitted depression.  Physiology and Behavior, 104, 180-186.

Del Gaizo, A. L., Elhai, J. D., & Weaver, T. L.  (2011).  Posttraumatic stress disorder, poor physical health and health-risk behaviors.  Psychiatry Research, 188, 390-395.

Weaver, T. L.  (2009).  Impact of rape on female sexuality:  Review of selected literature.  Journal of Clinical Obstetrics and Gynecology, 52 (4), 702-710. 

Wilson, S. L. & Weaver, T. L.  (2009).  Brief Note: Follow-Up of developmental attainment and behavioral adjustment for toddlers adopted internationally into the USA.  International Social Work Journal, 52 (5), 679-684. 

Čajdrić, A. & Weaver, T.L. (2009) Exploring the meaning of cigarette smoking in a sample of resettled Bosnian refugees. Journal of Ethnicity in Substance Abuse, 8, 1-14.

Weaver, T.L., Sanders, C. L., Schnabel, M., & Campbell, C. L.  (2009).  Development and preliminary psychometric evaluation of the domestic violence-related financial issues scale (DV-FI).  Journal of Interpersonal Violence, 24, 569-585.

Mechanic, M. B., Weaver, T. L., & Resick (2008).  Risk factors for physical injury among help-seeking battered women:  An exploration of multiple dimensions.  Violence against Women, 14 (10), 1148-1165.

Mechanic, M. B., Weaver, T. L., & Resick, P. A.  (2008).  Mental health consequences of intimate partner abuse: A multidimensional assessment of four different forms of abuse.  Violence against Women, 14, 634-654.

Weaver, T. L., Čajdrić, A., & Jackson, E. R.  (2008).  Smoking Patterns within a Primary Care Sample of Resettled Bosnian Refugees.  Journal of Immigrant and Minority Health, 10, 1557-1912.

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Weaver, T. L., Allen, J. A., Hopper, E., Maglione, M. L. McLaughlin, D., McCullough, M. A., Jackson, K., et al. (2007).  Mediators of a wish to die within a sheltered sample of raped and battered women. Health Care for Women International, 28, 1-12

Weaver, T. L., Resnick, H. S., Kokoska, M. S., & Etzel, J.C.  (2007).  Appearance-related residual injury, posttraumatic stress and body image:  Associations within a sample of female victims of intimate partner violenceJournal of Traumatic Stress, 20 (6), 999-1008.

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Weaver, T. L., Hughes, H. M., Friedman, P. T., Edwards, T. A., & Holmes, D.  (February, 2006).  Pediatric psychology partnership for abuse prevention.  Journal of Clinical Psychology in Medical Settings, online, 1-7.

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Weaver, T. L., & Resnick, H. S.  (2004).  Toward Developing Complex Multivariate Models for Examining the Intimate Partner Violence (IPV)-Physical Health Relationship:  Commentary on "Physical Health Consequences of Intimate Partner Violence" by Stacey Plichta, Sc.D. Journal of Interpersonal Violence, 19 (11), 1342-1349.

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